This Wedding Planner is Engaged!

You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams
— Dr. Seuss

It has been a very exciting past few days and today I am thrilled to merge my worlds together as I announce that this wedding planner is engaged!

Ever since we got our house in December 2017, we’ve sort of felt like we were close to an engagement but everyone including me was convinced Nick was going to wait until our renovations were completed to pop the question. Being a wedding planner, I of course constantly talk about weddings and am surrounded by lots of beautiful ideas and in the last year have really refined what I think our vision would be when the time came. Last week, Nick’s brother proposed to his girlfriend so even though we had our five year anniversary weekend coming up and I had originally thought “maybe this is it”, I figured he wouldn’t act on it. Little did I know that this whole thing has been in the works since January. It’s neat since we got our houses around the same time and now get to experience engaged life together too!

On Friday morning I got a call from Franco, my sister’s boyfriend, saying that he’s been working at our house and he needs help since he’s on a ladder, trying to maneuver some drywall and things aren’t looking good. He really did a good job playing up the danger and urgency so I threw on the first thing I saw and rushed over to the house, not knowing how I’d find him. I flew through the front door to see Nick sitting in a perfect suit, looking incredible, waiting for me. It took me truly by surprise and took my brain some time to process and understand that Franco wasn’t really there or in danger.

We both teared up as Nick proposed we spend the rest of our lives together in the middle of our almost finished dream home. It was the perfect intimate, emotional, special moment. It’s surreal - you picture this moment over and over and imagine how it might be, but when it’s happening, all you feel is pure joy and love and no one else and nothing else matters.

He had his phone secretly taping the whole thing and afterwards we just took a moment to be together before telling our closest family members.

Now it really helps that we had an anniversary trip planned to Niagara-on-the-Lake, but I highly recommend a stay-cation or quick getaway if possible after you get engaged to just spend that precious time alone together. We told our closest friends next and then put away the phones and just enjoyed some good food, great time, movies by the fireplace and sleeping in with no interruptions.

Fun fact: I’ve had a ring for Nick too since September. Since he works in construction, I’ve always known he might not be able to wear a wedding band safely so I thought it would be nice if I got him an Enso ring that he could wear at work. This way after his proposal I could propose too, and he could wear it as an engagement ring until the wedding band (which he might wear on a chain or somewhere else where it’s safe). I proposed the same evening in Niagara and it just truly felt like the happiest day.

We then spontaneously decided to take a stroll through a nearby vineyard and invite a photographer to capture these first few exciting moments (yay for my industry circles!). It turns out it was meant to be as our choice was visiting for the weekend and upon arrival we discovered was a classmate of Nick’s in high school! Amanda did such an incredible job capturing these special moments and I’m so glad we did it before the whole world knew. We were so relaxed and just had fun with each other. Two Sisters was also the perfect setting, we returned the next day for an incredible lunch and wine tasting and now it holds a very special place in the story of us!

Right now, I’m just filled with joy and gratitude to have found such a strong, loving, caring and committed partner to learn and grow with.

Stay tuned as I take you on this journey of planning the quintessential Pastiche wedding!

All my love,