The Pastiche Journal

So excited you’re here!

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Welcome dear readers - clients, friends, neighbours - whoever you may be! Thank you so much for following along and I can’t wait to share this new addition with you.

It has always been my goal to launch this journal section as a way to share, inspire and connect with all of you. The beauty of weddings and events is that no one event is the same, everyone’s tastes, styles, and general trends are always unique and ever changing. I’m very excited to finally launch this section and I hope to provide some useful content to help you with your own unique plans (wedding or others!).

Instagram has been incredible as a platform in the wedding industry. I love the visual impact of it and the simplicity of it. I hope that this blog can become an expansion of that space for me where I can dive a little deeper into some of the questions I hear most often and in general, share my work and ideas in greater detail.

What to expect

“Pastiche” is a work of art that combines & is inspired by the work of other artists, much like your wedding or special event is a truly unique work of art that draws on the work of other artists (your vendors and advisors) that help it all come together. This has been and continues to be very important to me so my relationships with those other artists, are key when it comes to building trusted and incredibly talented teams for your event. As I grow Pastiche and associated projects, I am excited to take you all on the ride and grow and learn from the incredible professionals, clients, friends and even helpful strangers who have a part to play in everything I do.

Now the inspiration for this blog is to share content that I think will inspire you to think differently about events, weddings and the plethora of details, problems, solutions, the good and the bad that come with them.

Here’s a bit of what you can expect:

  • Real Pastiche Weddings

  • A behind the scenes look at our work and our industry

  • Musings on running my own business full time

  • Tips and tricks to help you with your own planning

  • How-to Guides

  • And a whole lot of inspiration are all coming your way!

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About me

I love love. I love events. I love dreaming, planning, curating and executing an experience that makes people feel exactly what it was designed to make them feel. With a background in a variety of fields and positions, I felt the timing was right to go all in (which is how I strive to be with everything in my life) and develop my passion project into what I know it can be.

Most of all, I love connecting with people and learning something new with every interaction, wedding and event.

Now I want to hear from you! What do you want to read about!? Leave a note below or send me an email. I’d love to hear your ideas about what could help you with your planning or just help you learn something new.

Let’s do this!

With love,