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Confessions of an Engaged Wedding Planner // The Registry Experience

Ever since “27 Dresses” and the amazing registry scanner scene I’ve been looking forward to creating a registry pretty much solely because I wanted to walk around the store with that super fun scanner and BEEP BEEP add items to our list. More practically, Nick and I were not living together and while our house has been under renovation we have been slowly buying furniture and small things as we go, but there are a lot of things we do need. I also wanted to use this opportunity to test out various registries and see what some pros and cons are so I can confidently answer my clients’ questions when they come to me. Here’s what I found!

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Confessions of an Engaged Wedding Planner // Planners Get Overwhelmed Too!

We’re coming up to about a month of being engaged and although it’s super fun to be in the bridal position now, I’m here to tell you that yes, wedding planners, with all of our education, preparation and experience, still get overwhelmed with planning our own weddings just as you do!

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Confessions of an Engaged Wedding Planner // 10 Things That Happen in the First Week of Being Engaged

It’s been one week since we got engaged and what a week it was!

As a wedding planner, the most common thing I always tell engaged couples is to take it slow and take it all in before jumping into planning as eager and excited as everyone can be. I thought it would be great to dive into some of the feelings, experiences and yes, planning that happened in this first week!

Here are 10 things that happened in our first week of being engaged!

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