Kaitlyn & Craig

Partial Planning // Wedding, September 2018

“There are simply too few kind words to truly describe the wonderful and the brilliant Khrystyna Kulyasa! An organizational wizard, a strong-willed and confident advocate, a compassionate and empathetic soul – Khrystyna was the glue that held our special day together…”

“We first met with Khrystyna over coffee to learn more about the benefits of working with a wedding coordinator. Planners surrounded by a whole host of other planners in our lives, we weren’t convinced that more support was needed to make our day what we had hoped it would be. That notion was quickly done away with after meeting Khrystyna. 

A few cups of coffee and sweet treats later, we were taken by Khrystyna’s open ear and impressive industry insight. Though most of the big decisions had already been taken care of, it was clear to us right away that Khrystyna would play a very important role in taking care of the many other details that would define our day. Most especially, we knew she would take care of us. 

The months leading to our wedding saw Khrystyna going above and beyond at every opportunity. She sourced seamstresses to tackle an impossibly complicated wedding dress, she coordinated appointments and acted as a set (of informed) ears when we needed an extra hand, she drove across the city more times than we can count to meet with us close to home, and she always responded promptly to our emails and calls when we needed her most. 

It goes without saying that our wedding day was impeccably organized thanks to Khrystyna’s foresight and patience. Her early (and frequent) communications with each of our vendors, our venue staff, and her friendly demeanor with our wedding party and families, made her the recognized, appreciated, ‘go-to’ person. 

Our day ended with our families thanking her in their speeches, our vendors celebrating her accomplishments and our friends asking to have her coordinate their events. In these moments, we realized that Khrystyna’s talents reached far beyond coordination and logistics. Her passion, commitment and unwavering perseverance fostered a trust in her across all those a part of our wedding. That trust allowed us each to enjoy the day, free from the worry of missteps or questions. This is what makes Khrystyna so special and a leader in her craft.

Khrystyna was the best investment we made toward our wedding. We cannot speak highly enough of her and can’t wait to share her excellence with our friends and family for years to come!”


Melanie & Brandon

Month-Of Coordination // Wedding, October 2018

“Our wedding day would not have been the same, had we not had Khrystyna’s help. She came onboard to help us, just as the month countdown for the big day started. I had left a number of big tasks still pending (floor plan, rentals, day of timeline), as they seemed to be the most intimidating parts of planning to accomplish. Although it was likely beyond the tasks of a ‘month of coordination’ package, Khrystyna eagerly took them off my plate. She helped me prioritize my running to do list and tie up all the loose ends…”

“During the two weeks leading up to the wedding, my work was limited to just organizing my personal items/itinerary – Khrystyna took care of the rest. She took care of dealing with all the vendors and made me feel confident that we were on the right track, even though I had left a number of things to the last minute to finalize. 

The day before the wedding, she lead a rehearsal at our home. She went through the whole process and made sure everyone knew what was going on. On the day of the wedding, she was checking in with my Maid of Honour to make sure we were all good and on schedule. I had dropped off all the personal items/decor in the morning. She did all the set up and it looked amazing. I did not give her much direction on what I wanted, nor did she really know what I would be bringing. But she somehow brought what I had envisioned in my mind to life. 

What I thought was most impressive was Khrystyna’s attentiveness to our needs and what we wanted for the wedding. She made sure the caterers opened the bar before our evening wedding and set up our DIY doughnut dessert table. They were set up so nicely that a lot of my guests thought the catering team had made them. I barely had any time to grab any hors d’oeuvres during the party, but she made sure to bring a platter full to us. She was constantly checking in with us to make sure we were good and also kept the formalities on track. We had a number of speeches for such a short time, but she made sure the evening flowed well. I truly feel like the evening would have been a cluster of disorganization, had Khrystyna not been involved. She also saved us money by noticing that our caterers tried to get us to rent items that were already available at the venue. Her services were the best investment in our wedding and we will be recommending Pastiche to all our friend’s and family”.


Baby Sprinkle

Baby Shower Coordination // September 2018

“Pastiche Events truly went above and beyond to create the most perfect Baby Sprinkle for my sister. Khrystyna took my idea of a ‘garden tea party’ theme and ran with it. Her organization skills, creativity and time management was the reason the party was such a success. As host of the event, I was still able to greet my guests and enjoy myself because I knew Pastiche Events had everything under control. My favourite part of working with Khrystyna was her attention to detail. She came up with the idea of using tea tins for flower centrepieces, they were definitely eye catching. I am so glad Pastiche Events was a part of my sisters special day, without them I would not have been able to pull off such an amazing party!”

- Iryna (Sister of the Mom-to-be!)

“Recently, my sister surprised me with a Baby Sprinkle and it was an absolutely stunning event all with Khrystyna’s amazing work. She was able to put together incredible details, from place cards to flower back drops all in a very short time frame. I especially want to thank her for organizing and making sure everybody was fed, had hot tea served and fresh plates changed. From the games, music and Centrepieces, it was all very unique and fit the theme perfectly. She is incredibly patient and just overall wonderful to work with. My guests were in awe. Thank you Khrystyna for your time and effort for my making my Baby Sprinkle so successful”.

Mariana, Mom-to-be!